Wearing Wooden Cufflinks

Traps Eyewear is a growing brand continuing with an accessories line from wooden tie bars to engraved wooden cufflinks. Accessories have the ability to make or break an outfit, the simple touch of adding a beautiful grained leather belt, monogrammed personalized cufflinks, or a tie bar can change a drab suit into a suit with self-expression. Here in Maine there is four feet of snow on the ground creating an epic winter for ski, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, but our minds are already preparing for spring and the clothing that comes along with the change of season. Cufflinks and tie bars can be worn in any situation, and are perfect additions for special events like New England rustic weddings, or an important business meeting.

Rustic Wedding

Cufflinks That Tell A Story

We at Traps take special consideration in creating product from materials that have both a functional purpose and underlying story. When creating our etched-graphic cufflink line we felt no piece of the beautiful materials salvaged from the Maine lobster traps should be wasted. Using laser cutting and etching technology we’ve created a way to use the smaller pieces of the oak lobster traps, allowing the wearer to always have a coastal connection.

Wooden Anchor CuffLinks

This collection has been crafted in Maine using oak from traps once fished by Robert Lowberg of Hope, Maine. Each trap Mr. Lowberg hand built is now given a second life by being handcrafted into a Traps Eyewear product. Paying respect to the Maine craftsmen that came before us, we source all of our materials from lobstermen much like Mr. Lowberg. Men that braved the cold, rough Atlantic Ocean enduring bitter winters and wet summers to provide customers with a product only found on the New England coast.