True Maine Style

We live in New England, Maine to be exact. And here style has been taken hostage by the thought of what a Mainer looks like to the outside world, or at least what they think it looks like. The words style and Maine are often used synonymous with oversized flannel shirts, Bean boots, and camo.

All very simple pieces that can be used separately to create a sartorial look but many times together are look negatively upon. Rarely are the words Maine and style used in a way to talk about anything further than this year’s hunting catalog. We intend to change that.

Maine, and all of northern New England, carry great heritage to styles and brands that leak into the masses. We help to add that bit of ruggedness or heritage to your attire. Whether it’s handmade shoes or custom outerwear, New England style is deeply rooted in American classics.

Fall and the coming winter is of course when New England style can reign supreme. Layering, boots, and proper accessories are what we do best. Heritage New England pieces are adapted by many brands this year including Visvim, Ralph Lauren, and Made in Maine brands like Quaddy and Rancourt and Co.

Two of our favorites for footwear both come from the Made in Maine brand Quaddy The Grizzly boot’s look can add ruggedness while it’s hand-stitched leather will make it wearable to much more than trekking through harsh Maine weather. The Classic Ring Boot is one of the most amazing heritage pieces that Quaddy makes and it not only yells American made it looks great with every style.

When it comes to layering custom knit sweaters no brands do it better than Visvim or Engineered Garments. Two pieces that will last a life time are the Visvim Two Tone knitted wool sweater or the EG Shawl Collar Knit. Both are made outside of the US, but are deeply rooted in the New England aesthetic. Both are made in Japan and have great admiration for the look and quality made in New England brands have created for decades.


While the thought of Maine and style is not always looked positively upon it is easy to see the influence of Maine craftsmanship and appearance. We, much like the brands mentioned, aim to bring more than just a look but a way of craftsmanship and true style. Built to last to say it simply. Fall style needs a bit of Maine, stay tuned for more fall-winter stylings.

-Traps Eyewear