Traps Eyewear For AT&T

Traps Eyewear has the chance to win a $10,000 grant and we need your help! Over the past few months, Traps Eyewear has been working in collaboration with Gabe Reuben to produce a short film for a contest that AT&T is hosting.

Contest entrants have been asked to showcase how their business has used innovative technologies to increase their chance of success.

Traps Eyewear is unique in that we pair cutting-edge technologies with tools from the 1940s to handcraft each piece.

From inception, we’ve relied on 3D renderings and CAD programs to develop three-dimensional computer-generated product images. Now that we have access to local 3D printing opportunities, we can create tangible samples in just hours utilizing the data created in 3D programs. Based on these initial prints, we have the ability to analyze fit and shape in near real-time. If adjustments need to be made, we can tweak the data to mimic the change and then reprint. This process expedites the design process in a major way!

Communication platforms allow us to stay nimble and communicate with all vendors and manufacturers at any time. There are days where we consult with a designer in France, discuss acetate color-ways with an Italian manufacturer, and touch base with our custom woodworker in York, Maine. Ensuring that our international team is staying current with all changes ensures a proper product that each party is proud to create.

Social media platforms have helped extend our reach to people all over the world. Through these introductions, we’ve been able to collaborate with other passionate makers to develop one-of-a-kind products. Building these communities has shown us early validation and creates a true relationship between our brand and early adopters.

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John Turner