Summer Drinks In Portland Maine

Summer in Vacationland. The longest day of the year has past and now we are in full swing of Maine’s two short yet beautiful summer months.

As we stay on the grind producing product we also take time to soak in the perks of this amazing place we are lucky enough to call home. Portland has so much to offer for a small city and one thing that we take full advantage of is the eclectic culinary and beverage landscape. As Traps Eyewear does not necessarily condone drinking in excess we do condone the afternoon cocktail or two. One thing that will always remain true, whether talking drinks or personal style, is classics will stay classic because they earned place in history. Also much like personal style there is a right and wrong season for those classics. Portland summers mean Wharf Street will be a zoo, the Porthole dock will allow for beers on the waterfront, and there is always a place to have a cocktail while people watching.

Whether here for a long weekend or the whole summer Portland has a drink for every occasion and a thirst for the classics can be quenched. Personally I like to keep it simple with a Hendricks martini while enjoying the cool, castle cellar charm of Bramhall. Tell Guy we said hello.

Central Provisions on Fore Street offers a great variety of bourbons and small plates.I tend to sit at bar which is located below the dining room and has a separate entrance on Wharf St. Central Provisions is the perfect place to grab some late evening fois gras or roasted bone marrow while sipping a true classic. A properly made sazerac. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of sazeracs in New Orleans and can honestly say Central Provisions head bartender, Patrick, makes easily one of the best I’ve tasted.

Central Provisions Maine

A place I feel everyone should experience is the simple yet perfectly prepared food and drink at Eventide. Oysters, oysters, and more oysters, a brown butter lobster roll and a classic Hendricks and tonic. Eventide does it right their plates are simple and beautiful, their drink menu stays to the classics while offering a wide variety of local brews. If you are truly feeling up to it order an Oxbow Freestyle and the New England Clam Bake. Prepare to spend the next hour sitting at the Middle Street patio tearing into steamers, mussels, lobster, potatoes, salt pork and a hard boiled egg all washed down with a local farmhouse beer.


On Sunday head to Corner Room for a little hair of the dog and enjoy the best Bloody Mary in town. Their Bloody is made to perfection, spicy and finished off with a garnish of house made prosciutto, a bit of a classic with a twist. Order some fresh mozzarella and their amazing lardo (white prosciutto), sip a Bloody Mary or two and the remnants of last night will simply drift away.

While enjoying the great food and drink scene here in Portland please be respectful and responsible.