EBFF X Traps Eyewear

Prolonging history and heritage while creating a second life.

The Traps Eyewear brand was built on the idea of creating a second life for the weathered wood of mid-coast lobster traps showcasing this historically Maine heritage. While repurposing the oak lobster traps into a beautiful handcrafted pair of

eyeglasses was the original focus of Traps Eyewear the brand has grown into a vehicle to create a range of American made goods. As the Traps matures we have begun collaborating with group of companies that feel strongly about the heritage of American made goods, craftsmanship, and the stories that stand as their backbone. When considering brands that would align with not only our aesthetic, but our core values for our first soft-goods collaboration one brand stood out among the rest, the iconic vintage sportswear producer Ebbets Field Flannels.

Ebbets Field TrapsEyewear

Ebbets Field Flannels is a brand with strong values and traditions believing that history is a living breathing thing. History is not only found in books, it can be worn. The founder of Ebbets Field Flannels, Jerry Cohen, felt that the stories that breathed life into baseball have a direct connection with the uniforms worn by the players. Tired of the mass produced polyester jersey’s of the 80’s and more over the feeling that a part of America’s past time had been lost, Cohen founded Ebbets to recreate the timeless styles known only to historians and collectors. Using fabrics and manufacturing techniques unique to the era Ebbets Field Flannels breathes new life to teams that had slipped away into obscurity. Focusing on “non-pro” leagues including the negro leagues and minor leagues while reinterpreting styles only seen in pictures Cohen and his team have attracted the eye of major sport fans such as Spike Lee and Dennis Letterman.

Traps Eyewear Satin JacketSeaDogs

Both EBFF and Traps Eyewear understand that you do not have to reinvent a product to do it right. Many times the craftsmanship associated with accessories and clothing from past eras can shed light on creating something to stand the test of time. Traps and Ebbets have come together to create a limited run of vintage inspired satin coaches jackets in two classic colorways. The EBFF X Traps home team jacket comes in Americana Carmine with custom felt TS letter work and vintage flag patch. In stark contrast the away team jacket is offered in Midnight Black with custom TRAPS cream felt letter work. Both jackets will be available exclusively through the Traps Eyewear online store and Portland Trading Company on Middle Street in Portland, Maine.

TrapsEyewear At Portlabd Sea Dogs

All Photos Were Shot By: Leah Fisher Photography