Wedding season is soon upon us and preparation can be made simple. As the style of New England rustic and coastal weddings grows more and more in popularity it brings forth the need for choosing a great summer suit (if your budget allows it, a few great suits). As much as I love to put on my tuxedo, I personally feel they are meant for evening, indoor, formal events, if it says black tie wear a tux.

Although it is most important to understand the styling of the wedding; formal, rustic, casual, or traditional. It is also important to take into consideration where the wedding is being held. An outdoor island wedding will be quite different then a downtown Boston or Portland wedding. That said many people are choosing to have something a bit more casual and personal feeling. Imagine the Maine mid-coast 75 to 80 degrees with a sun setting as a salty smelling breeze rolls off the ocean, gin and tonic in hand, a khaki poplin suit and monk strap shoes on and a beautiful date. It’s the kind of engagement anyone can enjoy.

Many grooms are opting for traditional summer suits some of the best choices are cotton poplin or Italian pique cotton. When choosing a color stay simple, navy and light khaki or bone is the go-to and classic footwear is a must. This day and age people have taken the word casual far out of context; wear a proper suit with proper footwear.

Some great choices can be found easily through Brooks Brothers or J. Crew and can be worn whether you are in attendance or giving your vows. One of my personal favorites and a truly smart looking suit is the Brooks Brothers Madison Twill in khaki. This suit allows you to look casual yet well put together and with the proper accessories (cotton pocket square, woven tie, and Traps Eyewear cufflinks and tie clip) you tap the iconic look of Steve McQueen and JFK. Think the understated gentleman.

Brooks Brothers Madison

Another favorite for summer events is the J. Crew dark caramel Ludlow Suit in Italian cotton. The classic tailoring, rich color, and comfortable weight makes this suit look perfect on the cape coast or city streets.

carame lLudlow Suit

If it is a wedding that will be under tents and out in the sun feel bold yet classic and wear blue and ivory seersucker. A seersucker suit is a style that few men wear but when pulled off correctly, bow tie or gingham shirt and tortoise shell Traps Eyewear Jacks, it can be the standout.

BLUE IVORY seer sucker suit

If you do find yourself in a formal wedding go for something a bit different but still elegant. A midnight blue tuxedo with a shawl collar stays within the strict boundaries of the tuxedo still allowing a bit of a personal approach. J.Crew has a beautiful navy tuxedo in it’s Ludlow tailoring that has traditional look with a single button jacket. Always remember proper footwear (black cap toe oxfords or slippers) and proper accessories (Traps Eyewear Cufflinks) when wearing a tux this look can quickly go from sartorial to red carpet disaster. Tuxedos are meant to be classic keep it classic.

navy tuxedo

One thing to always remember about weddings is there are lots of pictures. When a suit is tailored correctly, fabrics are chosen for the season, and you wear proper footwear you will look like a gentleman. Use your accessories to personalize the look add glasses, a tie clip, cuff links, and a pocket square to set yourself apart.

monk strap shoes

Written & Curated by Traps Eyewear cofounder Daniel Dougherty.