The Maine Story

Traps Eyewear incorporates handmade Italian acetate frames with repurposed wooden temples crafted from the salvaged oak of Maine lobster traps. Founder John Turner grew up in Harpswell, Maine, a small coastal town surrounded by working wharfs and rocky coastlines. This coastal infrastructure has had a lasting impression on Turner. The Maine coastal morals and traditions has inspired him to develop a product and brand that showcases the influential aspects of this environment. From traditional work wear attire to the unique color palette on hand painted buoys. Harpswell has left a lasting impression and it shows through in his personal style.

Maine Lobster Vintage

The usage of salvage oak within the glasses gives the product a tangible representation of the area that inspired their design and meaning. The wood used to make the temples of these glasses was sourced from lobster traps fished in the rugged yet beautiful coast of Maine from Harpswell to Belfast.

The specific traps presently used to create everything from our cufflinks to eyewear were hand built in Hope, Maine by the fisherman who used them over 20 years ago. They were fished for 5 years before being handed down to the lobsterman’s son. These traps were then put to use for a few more seasons before being retired when introduction of metal traps became both more durable and effective.

Maine Lobster Man

During the time that these traps were fished they endured temperature extremes from frozen depth to sunbaked decks. The traps have withstood the harsh New England elements to say the least. Each trap has unique imperfections representing both hand-craftsmanship and the journey from dock to sea and back.  Each scratch, blemish, and dent demonstrates the hard work that goes into lobstering while having a unique story. From record-breaking hauls of over 1000 pounds to dreary fog filled mornings these traps played a vital role in a tradition that has remained relatively consistent for the last 100 years.

Lobster Boats Maine

Original Oak lobster traps are very rare.  Oak was a more expensive wood causing many fishermen to use a cheaper alternative such as cedar to construct their traps. Traps Eyewear has sourced many of the last remaining oak lobster traps to create a product that will withstand time and allow the wearer to make their own story.

It is Traps Eyewear’s missions to prolong this story, to give new life to this wood that has played such an important role in building the Maine coast community. We have created this product using this specific material to provide wearers a true coastal connection. It is our hope that when you run your hands over this vintage wood you can imagine the story associated with the product you are wearing.

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