Creating Handmade Eyewear In Maine

At Traps Eyewear we want each person who wears our glasses to feel the pride and time that is taken in the creation of each pair of handmade eyewear. However, our goal extends far beyond purely the aesthetic. From the beginning we weredetermined to craft a wooden temple that was thinner, yet more durable than what was previously offered in today’s market.

Throughout our R&D process we tried everything from a veneer method, to inlaying carbon fiber between the pieces of wood. We tested machinery from large CNC machines to custom built jigs. We traveled from one end of Maine to the other and back again to consult with various woodworkers on their techniques. In the end we settled on a combination of methods that bring together the past and the present.

Today our temples are manufactured by hand in a one room shop in York, Maine by a precision woodworker who uses tools that date back to the 1940’s. The design of these temples allows for optimal flex, yet features an undeniable strength, indicative of the wood’s past life as lobster traps on the Maine coast. All of the R&D, various prototypes, and long car rides has lead to the creation of a product that meets our initial goal, to produce premier wood and acetate eyewear that exudes class and the undeniable allure of a handmade product.

Thanks for reading – John Turner