John Turner

John Turner spent his life growing up between the coast of Maine and the slopes at Park City, Utah. At a young age, it was ingrained in him that his happiness would come from working for himself while creating something that he could be proud of. This entrepreneurial spirit is what kept John up late at night while forming the ideas that would evolve into the Traps Eyewear brand. Having seen many parts of the world, he came back to Maine because of its beauty, but most of all because of its opportunity. John has the ability to see opportunity in disregarded material such as washed up ocean plastic or old discarded lobster traps.


Daniel Dougherty

Daniel Dougherty’s detail oriented personal style can be seen in all aspects of his life, creating an image and way of doing business that sets him apart. He has been involved with projects from NYC to Japan, and now brings his dynamic aesthetic to the coast of Maine. The desire for original, quality product is what drives Dougherty, whether working on branding a clothing line, opening a sneaker boutique or creating an eyewear brand. Traps Eyewear has become an outlet to exercise this passion, all while providing a high end fashion forward product rooted in unmatchable craftsmanship that reflects his own personal attention to detail. Dougherty grew up outside New York City,

Behind The Brand

Traps Eyewear is the brainchild of John Turner and Daniel Dougherty. John is a young entrepreneur who wanted to create a lifestyle brand that paid homage to the beautiful coastal state he was raised in. Having a passion for both eyewear and repurposed wood, John began experimenting with oak from salvaged lobster traps. The cold New England seas battered and weathered the oak traps creating a material deserving of a second life. A combination of the fine detail found in the oak’s grain along with the quality of craftsmanship and standards necessary when creating premium custom eyewear helped to mold the Traps Eyewear brand.

Daniel Dougherty has a background in brand development and close ties to many fashion labels from NY to LA. Daniel approached John when Traps sunglasses was in its infancy with ways to grow and mold Traps into a Maine brand that represented their love for the New England coast. More than just an eyewear brand, Daniel saw Traps as a lifestyle brand; a brand that invokes memories and emotions tied to a connection to the northeastern coastline from the tip of the Cape to the rocky beaches of Bar Harbor.
Together, their ideas and aspirations came to form Traps Eyewear. The Traps Eyewear brand uses untraditional materials to create classic eyewear styles while paying respect and admiration to the beautiful New England coast.